Fern’s Arrival

Poor Fern. She arrived just as I decided to give Jann of Project Dollhouse all my money, so she was temporarily put aside.

However I have today off so I dressed her up and took some photos. I’m not sure of her final look, but I like this look for now. She’s really cute and that hair is amazing !

I’m definitely not fond of the Icy body; it’s more rubbery than Blythe, so I probably will be changing it out. I’m pretty sure I have a spare Takara body hanging around somewhere.

Kenner Blythe

I really didn’t mean to do this (well, yes I did but I’m trying to appear reasonable)

I’ve decided to get a Kenner girl. I’ve been trying not to, but lately every time I eye an expensive Neo,(I’m looking at you, Bloomy Bloomsbury!) I think to myself “I could buy a really nice Kenner girl for this money ”

Then I remembered that Jann of Project Dollhouse has a Kenner girl, so I went to her for advice, only to discover that she was thinking of rehoming her Kenner. You don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to figure out how this conversation ended. ­čśť

What we both like about this is that the girl has travelled the world for at least 30 years (US, Singapore, Spain and Australia) and would finally be coming back to Ohio, near Cincinnati, where she was originally conceived.

No longer torn (at least for now)

I went with the custom Icy girl. I’ve been wanting an Icy and the fact she’s already been customized is nice. A seller on Etsy is downsizing her doll collection (not just Blythe type dolls) and had this cutie up for sale. She’s been customized by Siriporn Robertson from eBay, and her scalp is a Pariszhenpink custom.

I’ve also been wanting a girl with really curly hair, so this takes care of another wish list item. The seller named her Fern Lily, and I like that but I’m not sure if it will stick. I’ll have to see.

(Not my photos)

She also has that spooky/creepy vibe I’m partial to.

Now, off to dress shop! I’m thinking something in neutrals or brown. I’m I very fond of earth tones!

I’m so torn.

Omg. I want a Very Vicky Blythe because she doesn’t have bangs and is an Fbl…BUT I realize I don’t bond as much with normal hair colored Blythe as much as I do the ones with less natural hair color. I really want a Wendy Weekender, no matter how many blue or minty green girls I have.

Then there’s a custom Icy doll I’m eyeing too, because I like their little faces, and this girl has a sweet corkscrew type of alpaca/mohair scalp.